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Makeup tips for flaky skin
February 18, 2015, 1:35 pm

It is hard enough to master the fine art of makeup application on a normal day, but it is worse when your skin is dried out and flaky. It is a cruel joke that right when your skin needs the most help — when the dry winter air sucks all moisture out of your complexion and leaves it red, splotchy, and cracked — is when it becomes the hardest to actually use cosmetics to cover it up.

If you are sick of having your foundation stick to our scales and your lip color gunk up on our parched pouts, here are some tips on how to wear makeup when your face is beaten by the weather.

Moisturize: First, you need to prep your skin with a serious moisture infusion. Makeup tends to sit on flakes, cake into dry areas, and highlight dry patches even more. Before you apply any makeup, gently exfoliate your face to take away some of the dryness, then apply a hydrating, non-irritating moisturizer.

Foundation: Now that your skin is a moisturized, it is time to add your foundation. Apply foundation in the winter using your fingers, it allows you to work the product into the skin and around dry patches, rather than just brushing the product over the top of them. Make sure to sanitize your hands first. Then, taking some product, warm it between your fingertips and press it gently onto the skin. Your best choice should be a hydrating cream or lotion foundation — matte, powder, and oil-free foundations can tend to make dryness more pronounced.

Eye makeup: For the eyes, it is important to use a primer to help create that smooth canvas on your lids and prevent product from settling into any nooks and crannies. For drier skin, a cream-based eyeshadow works best. Apply a primer base, then use a powder shadow to build your crease and contour. Your crease has natural oils, so it won't dry out as quickly. And stay away from products with a lot of talc in them, which can look dried-out and caked-on.

Blush: Cream is once again the name of the game when it comes to your cheek products: always use a cream blush if you have dry skin. Cream blush gives skin a natural, dewy glow, and disguises the fact that skin is actually dry. For the application process, use a blush with a dome-shaped, fluffy powder brush, and build the color slowly.

Lips: Chapped lips do not make for a smooth canvas on which to create a winter lip masterpiece. First exfoliate away flakes by mixing together some olive oil and sugar and gently rubbing it on the lips with a moistened cotton pad. Once the flakes have been swept away, apply a lip balm and remove excess balm with a tissue.

Once you have hydrated your pout, add a touch of foundation, to help create a base for the color, before applying your lipstick. Be sure to choose a creamy, moisturizing formula. Avoid matte lipsticks, which can have a drying effect and leave your lips feeling tight and uncomfortable, Also long-wear formulas (those that claim to stay in place for 12 hours or more) should also be avoided as they can cause drying.


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