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Makeup removal help
June 30, 2016, 12:09 pm

Taking your makeup off is supposed to be the easy part, but there are many ways you are not doing the job properly and allowing makeup to remain. By doing some quick and easy troubleshooting, you can make your makeup removal routine go a lot more smoothly. Just run through these common mistakes experts often see, along with their easy fixes.

Rushing the job: When it comes to removing eye makeup in particular, the slower you go, the better. Apply makeup remover and let it sit, and sit some more. This will soften mascara, liner, and shadow so it slips off easily and thoroughly once you finally wipe. If you do this, you won’t find smudges under your eyes in the morning anymore. Giving remover time to work its magic also prevents you from having to rub/scrub with your makeup-remover pad—always a mistake, since friction can damage the delicate skin around your eyes, causing irritation and contributing to premature aging.

Leaving your hair down: People often accumulate makeup residue around their hairline, which leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Next time, take two seconds to tie your hair in a ponytail or slip on a terry headband if you are worried about dents.

Relying on wipes:  Many women make the mistake of just using wipes and going to bed, but the makeup really is not all off—you still have to wash your face. Using water and face wash is the only solution to remove residue and prep your skin for a good night regimen. If you use only wipes and then apply moisturizer, you might push dirt into your pores and wake up with pimples or blackheads.

Using underwhelming cleanser: Women tend to use face wash that isn't made to remove makeup. If you suspect yours falls into this category, you could use a stronger makeup remover —or consider switching to a cleansing oil or balm. These are among the most effective at coaxing off even the most stubborn makeup, like stay-put foundations, liquid lipsticks, and brow pigments.

The new oil cleansers really can work miracles as oil dissolves oil, allowing you to remove tough makeup with oil on a washcloth for added cleansing strength. If you really can't stand the feel of an oil cleanser, you can try milky and gel textures as good alternatives.

Missing this spot:  If there is one zone that is frequently neglected during makeup removal, it is the elusive edge of your eyelid, where liner and mascara can build up over time—and lead to eye irritation. Especially if you tightline your eyes with waterproof liquid, you might need to get in there with a more targeted tool and make sure every last speck is gone.  On that note, you also should never tug stubborn mascara chunks off with your fingers. To coax clumps off without doing harm, make sure you give your remover enough time to penetrate, and then press down gently with a flat cotton pad, moving slowly in the direction your lashes grow, to slide the mascara off.



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