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Makeup pencils
September 28, 2015, 5:50 pm

If you are insanely busy, thank your lucky stars that makeup sticks exist. While it used to just be eyeliners and lip liners in pencil form, now you can apply just about anything with a few swipes—foundation, concealer, bronzer, even eyeshadow—saving you serious time. And the benefits go far beyond speed. Pencils have wax in them so the products tend to stay on longer. Plus, this full line of sticks, crayons and pencils offer precise, controlled application and are so easy to smudge, blend and apply on the go. Once you have mastered application, you don’t even need a mirror. To shorten your application time, give pencils a go with these easy do-it-yourself tips for every category.

Foundation stick: Not only are foundation sticks foolproof (just swipe and, if needed, blend with a wet sponge), but they go on to create a sheer look amazingly natural. It is almost impossible to cake one of these on! And if you want more coverage, they are easily buildable. Layer in those areas and gently pat with a beauty blender verse smudging or blending.

Concealer pencil: The key with concealer is to use as little as possible and apply accurately—the pencil is perfect for both. Pencil form can also allow you to double it as a highlighter. Using the tip of the crayon, apply in the inner eye corners almost up to your brow, then in the outer eye corners and under the lower lash line. This method opens the eye and creates a brighter look.

Bronzer and blush sticks: Contouring has never been easier than with bronzer sticks—and blush has never been creamier or more precise. As both blush and bronzer can be very easy to overdo with powders, the manageable stick size allows for more control. However, you will get finite lines if you don’t blend the product, so use a sponge or your fingertips to make sure there are no lines.

Eyeshadow pencil: Glossy lids are officially in. While creamy shadows can be difficult to apply, eyeshadow pencils create that same highly-pigmented finish accurately. However, don’t apply too much or you risk it running if it is very smooth. Make sure you blend the edges out with a sponge, as this ensures the pigment blends with your natural complexion.

Brow pencil: Wax pencils with thin tips allow you to precisely draw individual hairs that blend into the brow. Draw small strokes in the same direction of your brow. The trick is to make sure the brows start just above the inner eye corner and end at a direct angle to the outer eye corner, full and natural.

Lip crayon: The shape allows you to follow the outline of your lips without a lip pencil for touch-ups. Just one product and you are done. Moreover, they are lipstick/balm/gloss—without overdoing any one of those. They add color, hydrate, and last as long as a lipstick, without having to layer. Start by dabbing powder on the outer edges of your lips to ensure the crayons don’t bleed.


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