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Makeup for women with bangs
December 3, 2017, 3:28 pm

Just like women change up their makeup routine depending on their outfit, the same can apply for a new hairstyle. When women decide to commit to bangs, it’s helpful to know the makeup tips for achieving the perfect makeup/bang combo. Here are some tips on the right makeup to pair with bangs.

Wear less foundation: When you have bangs, you can wear less foundation or even no foundation on the forehead as bangs will cover it. Not only will this keep your makeup and hair from mixing, it can potentially make you less prone to breakouts. If your bangs don’t cover your entire forehead, then simply limit the amount of product you put on your forehead, and opt for a product with a lighter formula — like a tinted moisturizer.

Keep it natural: When applying your foundation, keep it really simple and light. If you use a lot of blush or bronzer, your face may start to look too dark, since the fringe on your forehead will already be casting shadows. Keep it minimal to avoid an overdone look and ensure your bangs are the most dramatic piece on your face.

Try to always use water-based liquid foundation; it does not clog your pores as much as an oil-based foundation. Not only will this type of product feel lighter on your skin, it will also make you look more natural as it blends very easily. Simply dab a wet makeup sponge all over your face until desired coverage is achieved.

After applying the foundation, use a translucent powder to reduce shine on your face and really capture that effortless natural look. If you really like blush then use a very light color, either a pale pink or light brown tone; just make sure to keep it subtle.

Highlight and contour:  Highlighting and contouring your cheekbones is a great way to compliment your bangs so it can help sculpt your face.

Show off your boldest red lipstick: A bold red lip is a perfect pairing with bangs. It always looks so chic. Wearing a bold lip will also help counter-balance your bangs to help you achieve the classic, celeb-approved look.

Accentuate different features based on bang length: Depending on how long your bangs are, you should accentuate your features differently. If they cover the top of your eyes, play up more under the eyes to balance out the look — perhaps by amping up your mascara on your bottom lashes or by smoking out your lower lash line. If they’re shorter, consider a fierce cat-eye paired with a subtle smoky eye to make your eyes pop.



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