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Make your outfits look expensive
August 20, 2017, 12:22 pm

Sure, it would be great if every single piece in your wardrobe was made of silk and cashmere designer things, but don’t fret if you have to live without expensive clothing, you can still get the runway vibe without spending excessively. So before you think you need to buy a ton more to look good, try these tricks to refresh your wardrobe and yes—make the pieces you already own look way more expensive.

Play with neutrals: There is just something about camel, cream, tan, and other shades in the neutral family that make you want to strut. Mix them together for a supremely luxe look. The best part of neutrals is that they work so well with other neutrals. Think outside of the box – neutral doesn’t have to mean just black, white and grey. You can also reach for soft beiges, a versatile khaki green, blush pink, burgundy and camel browns. All of these shades are actually neutrals that can be mixed and matched with each other to create a deep, rich look.

Throw on some tailored pieces: Who doesn't love a good blazer or button-down shirt? But pair them together and it's nothing but polish.  A traditional blazer can be tricky if you have a larger chest; if it doesn't fit perfectly, the lapels can bend and gape in unflattering ways. Not so with a collarless blazer — the smooth lines allow the front of the jacket to flow over your chest without any awkward bulging.

For tailored trousers, you don’t have to stick with a starched shirt and blazer up top. A roll-neck jumper and trainers look far more modern.  Many modern fashionistas prefer well-cut, slim trousers that sit just above the ankle.

Get matchy: Pick a bag and shoes in the same color, or pair your sweater to match your bag. It's a terrific way to up the ante of any outfit. All you have to do is keep the color scheme in the family. It is pretty straightforward: pastels with pastels, earth tones with earth tones, jewel tones with jewel tones, etc.

Go monochrome: Wearing head-to-toe white or black gives an air of I-woke-up-like-this elegance. Moreover, the monochromatic look is a definite winner because of its slimming quality. This minimalist canvas also provides the perfect backdrop for the boldest of accessories.

The key to look amazing in this trend is to mix and match different hues of the same colors. If you want to wear all pink, wear a soft pink on top and a pair it with a bold, flashy pink pair of jeans or skirt. This way, you will look more polished and your look will stay fun and fresh. Don’t forget to pick colors that go well with your skin tones.

Metallic details: If you are not completely swayed by the trend, an outfit that has subtle elements of shine peeking through is perfect. Opt for pieces with shiny gold or silver buttons, or a fancy exposed zipper, for a jewelry-like touch. You can even try mixing in a bag or shoe in your favorite metallic. With such a small splash of glitz it keeps the look day time appropriate in almost anyone’s style books.



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