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Make this summer a “mango summer” with Lu&Lu Hypermarket
May 21, 2015, 10:00 am

Lu&Lu Hypermarket kicked off its annual mango festival, “Mango Mania” with an inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, 20 May 2015 at its Al Qurain branch. Special guest Sheikh Nawaf Hamad Fahad Al-Sabah inaugurated the festival at 6pm as the Hypermarket’s top management, staffs, well-wishers and customers applauded. All present were eager about the launch of the promotion that will last till 30 May.

More than 120 varieties of mangoes from different countries are on display allowing customers a wide choice of delectable fruit to enjoy in the summer months.  Customers should not miss out on the opportunity to sample Lu&Lu’s amazing offerings at all the branches of the Hypermarket. A mini mango forest featuring colorful ripe mangoes will appeal to all foodies and fruit lovers, eager to savour the fruit’s sweet taste.

For Lu&Lu Hypermarket, this event is another way to show its commitment towards building a diverse and richer shopping experience. The brand is associated with excellence in retailing and a reasonable pricing structure that its customers have benefited from. Activities such as the mango festival are an exciting attraction for customers who want the best when shopping.

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