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Maison Chaudun gourmet chocolaterie opens in Kuwait
December 18, 2017, 3:50 pm

Maison Chaudun, a luxurious chocolate artisan brand from Paris, launched their first flagship store in Kuwait at the ground floor of The View Mall, Salmiya on 15 December. The gathering included honorable guests from the French and Kenyan Embassy in addition to special invitees and well-wishers.

During the event, Michel Chaudun’s gourmet concoctions of delicately hand-crafted chocolates imported from Paris were showcased to every chocolate enthusiast in attendance. A choice selection of different varieties of chocolates was served with drinks while a grand harpist played live music. 

Maison Chaudun in Kuwait will be the first chocolate boutique to serve hot and cold beverages to its customers. In their opinion, chocolates have always been a great pair with coffee, and the owner has decided to import freshly aromatic Arabica coffee beans from Kenya to present a refreshing combination.

A team of mixologists spent hours creating the most delectable hot cocoa and other exclusive savoury coffees, which burst with flavour and tantalize the palate.

The brand Maison Chaudun, which was made successful by Michel Chaudun for more than 30 years, decided it was time to be introduced to the heart of the Gulf, Kuwait. The first store was opened in Kuwait and is the first in the Gulf region. It will be the 4th store to be opened worldwide after two stores were launched in Tokyo. The vision of Maison Chaudun is to carry the upscale brand to success with the hope of boosting the franchise to expand towards other Gulf countries.

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