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Magnolia Bakery
August 25, 2015, 2:54 pm

Magnolia Bakery is an inviting place to experience all things classically baked.

Cuisine: With a beautiful array of scintillating desserts that include cupcakes with different unique icings, muffins, pies, cheesecakes and an addictively sinful banana pudding, the Bakery’s menu is dazzling with amazing flavors. After the seduction of sweets follows the craving for something savory; this is where Magnolia will surprise.

Must try: From their savory menu, you can have a classic ‘Cheddar and Brie’ grilled cheese sandwich, followed by a decadent White out chocolate sponge cake with meringue icing and cake crumbs. Do not forget to complete your meal with a helping of Magnolia’s signature teas, coffees and hot cocoas.

Ambience: At the elegant Hamra Luxury Center, the Bakery has a vintage charm and an inviting atmosphere. Like its original NY home, you will find it comfortably nestled in a corner, where the only view you want to enjoy is the splendid array of delicious desserts on display.

Where: First floor, Al Hamra Luxury Center

Contact: 22270285 │ Instagram @MagnoliaKuwait │ Twitter @MagnoliaKuwait │ Facebook: Magnolia Bakery │

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