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MTC lists on cryptocurrency exchange, launches trading
October 4, 2017, 5:32 pm

Money Trade Coin (MTC), the new age cryptocurrency, began trading on 17 September, following its promised listing on Nova Exchange. The listing event was held at the prestigious Burj Al Arab, Dubai, and was highlighted by the attendance of H.E. Sheikh Saqer Al Nahyan along with a list of 40 VIP selected honor guests.

Speaking at the listing event, Money Trade Coin Founder and CEO, Amit Lakhanpal, who had promised earlier this year to list the newly created coin on at least one crypto-currency public exchange, said the next step would be to go live on more exchanges, including but not limited to C6, Coinex, Poloniex and their own private exchange.

The launch of MTC in Dubai was a bold statement that the economy has evolved towards the adoption of new technologies, as a complementary tool to support the traditional applied methods. The investors demand has increasingly swept from the traditional practices to the digital currency as a secure alternative to safeguard wealth, eliminate costs, increase efficiency and flexibility, and save time while transacting.

Money Trade Coin is unique in its features by being a registered certified entity and its owner and founder, Mr. Lakhanpal, is a well-known businessman, whose other businesses include heading the Flintstone Group, which covers diverse fields as real estate, construction and equipment, technologies, Infra solutions, general trading, media and movie production, hospitality and entertainment.

Alongside its listing, MTC, reflecting the vision of its owner, has taken a further step to promote the propagation of “correct knowledge about crypto-currencies” by launching the Cryptocurrency E-Academy, which aims to educate the young generations about the benefits of using and trading digital currencies.

As a pioneer in the digital currency industry, MTC is set to expand its market penetration rate and is eyeing the Emirate of Dubai to be the bridge for its new expansion. Dubai in itself is a platform that attracts all types of multinational investors, who are avid for new technologies and constantly searching for the “Next Big Hit”, said Mr. Lakhanpal. Faithful to its investors, MTC management has launched the process to establish itself in Dubai, UAE supported by the office of Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Al Ketbi Advocates and Legal consultants.

Very few would have foreseen Dubai shifting fundamentally as a government towards the implementation of 100 percent blockchain technology by 2020, however this virtual dream became a reality under the directive of H.H. Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai with an aim to increase productivity and create financial sector jobs. The government is currently interested in the cryptocurrencies that use blockchain to underwrite their transactions and MTC is one of them. The management of MTC is willing to work hand in hand with regulators and governments to improve the education about these technologies and their implementation.

Money Trade Coin, presents itself with an ultra-secure wallet through multi-level verifications and is the world’s first fully secured crypto-currency, which implements the highest standards of compliance with regard to the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering laws, and follows international directives issued by Central Banks and other regulatory agencies, including retaining records of all transaction for more than ten years.

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