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MPs begin grilling Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah over purported mismanagement
October 24, 2017, 3:42 pm

The National Assembly, at second session of the 15th legislative term on Tuesday, started deliberating the interpellation motion addressed to the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and the Acting Information Minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. MPs Riyadh Al-Adsani and Dr. Abdul-Kareem Al-Kandari, who had submitted the motion, and the interpolated minister, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, took to the stands for the inquiry over purported irregularities in the Cabinet General Secretariat, affiliate departments, non-abidance by the budget, dishonoring pledges and non-implementation of the cabinet resolutions.

The two legislators are also questioning the minister over alleged government failure to resolve the issue of unemployment, youth employment and inability to manage state projects.

Another axis deals with alleged failure to activate the internal audit bureau, affiliated with the minister of information, as well as failure to balance expenditure with income of the services provided by the ministry.

The fourth axis tackled purported concealing of information, facts and attempted procrastination to reply to the MPs' questions over acts that contradict Provision 99 of the constitution, in addition to Fatwa and Legislation department's failure to set up an audit bureau, breaching the cabinet resolution 283/2011.

Source: KUNA

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