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MP wants action on recruitment of domestics before start of Ramadan
April 1, 2018, 8:56 am

MP Faisal Al-Kandari has called on the concerned authorities to hold accountable the domestic labor offices proven to have manipulated fees for recruiting domestic workers, especially now that Ramadan is fast approaching.

He also pointed out the failure of Al-Durra Company for Recruiting and Employing Domestic Workers to address the problem and cover the need for such workers.

He said the government has been silent over this problem and no step has been taken to address the problem, particularly the issue concerning domestic workers from the Philippines.

He added it is unfortunate that the company and the concerned authorities did not open doors to recruit other nationalities. He then stressed the need for the government to take action before Ramadan.

Meanwhile, MP Safa Hashem affirmed she will not just watch the frustration of many military personnel in the Ministry of Interior over the issue of promotion. She stressed, “I am confident that the committee in charge of reviewing promotions will do its job.

It must comply with ministerial decision number 99 on taking into consideration seniority in the promotion process.” She urged the Ministry of Interior to play its role effectively to protect the rights of youths who are waiting for the new decision.

In another development, MP Muhammad Al-Dalal has forwarded questions to Minister of Finance Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf about the plans of his ministry to stop wastage of government funds.

He said the minister issued a press statement a few days ago about the wastage of funds in government institutions, quoting the minister as saying that his goal is to stop such wastage without affecting investment related expenses.

He added the minister also talked about the results of studies conducted by the Secretariat General of the Supreme Planning Council which revealed 40 percent wastage in government expenditures.

In view of the above, the lawmaker asked the minister to provide him with the following:

■ Copies of studies conducted by Secretariat General of the Supreme Planning Council showing 40 percent wastage in government spending,

■ Plans of the ministry to stop wastage in government spending and other related information,

■ List of ministries and other government institutions proven to have wasted public funds in last four years,

■ Steps taken to stop such wastage in the last four years.

Source: Arab Times

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