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MP urges head-count on expats, Kuwaiti jobless
October 19, 2018, 8:28 pm

MP Askar Al-Enezi has submitted a proposal for the government to conduct a survey in order to determine the exact number of jobless Kuwaitis and the non-Kuwaitis employed in public and private sectors.

Al-Enezi said his proposal aims to gauge the impact of the job replacement policy, noting that addressing the job crisis necessitates the concerted efforts of both sectors. On the hand, MP Khaleel Abul has presented a proposal for the Ministry of Higher Education to grant ‘clinical’ financial support to Kuwaiti dentistry students here and abroad, similar to their counterparts in other branches of human medicine.

He pointed out the Kuwaiti medical students, excluding those studying dentistry, are receiving financial support for their clinical needs such as equipment after the fourth year. Since studying dentistry requires the same effort and equipment, and taking into account the hardships they go through like their counterparts, it is only fair that they receive the same grants.

Source: Arab Times

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