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MP announces privatizing petrol stations for SMEs entrepreneurs
July 5, 2018, 9:14 am

Member of the parliamentary Committee for Improving the Business Environment MP Ahmad Al-Fadhli has announced the start of privatizing petrol stations for small and medium entrepreneurs, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Fadhli pointed out this came after addressing obstacles found in the law on funding small and medium enterprises (SMEs). He also revealed that Kuwait Municipality has allocated nine areas for mobile food cart projects.

He made the announcement at the Assembly’s press center, indicating the ninth committee meeting tackled several issues such as organizing and distributing mobile food carts in different locations.

After long consultations on this project, he felt the first phase should be for the unemployed among the applicants. He added the project is being tested and regulated to ensure the target is achieved. He pointed out that discussions stopped at the issue of allocating land from concerned bodies, disclosing the ministry requested for pieces of land and some of which belong to Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC).

He confirmed the company agreed in principle while the other plots belong to the Public Authority for Youth. He clarified all requests have been forwarded to the Municipality which is in charge of completing allocation procedures.

He said the committee is currently liaising with the concerned agencies to ensure that an agency does not issue a decision which is not in line with the objective of another agency. “Hence, when we attend meetings, representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and other concerned agencies are present as well to avoid obstacles,” he narrated.

Source: Arab Times

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