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MP Safa warns on high rate of failure in board exams
October 7, 2018, 8:57 am
MP Safa Al Hashim

MP Safa’a Al-Hashim has warned Minister of Health Dr Bassel Al-Sabah about the violations of Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations (KIMS) and the high rate of failure in “board exams”, reports Aljarida daily.

In a press statement, MP Al- Hashim indicated that she has information about biased suspicions, as per which certain individuals are meant to pass the board exam while others fail, based on the failure rate among youth who are competent and represent the energy of this nation.

She stressed that she has prepared a set of questions for the Health Minister, who is the main official of KIMS, explaining that, “The situation in this institute is killing the efforts of our nation and discouraging others from attempting to take such path. This is unacceptable and worth probing to know who is behind this war on young skilled Kuwaiti doctors.”

The lawmaker went on to say, “The failure rate among those sitting for board exams is very high in internal medicine and dermatology. Above all, the senior official in charge of the board exam program has been on a one-year trip, leaving his students (medical residents) behind”.

MP Al-Hashim said the questions addressed to the Health Minister will consist of the identity of the one running the medical board exam program in KIMS, and the reason why necessary conditions for students have not been followed, as well as the manner of expenditure of the budget set for the institute throughout the years.

She urged the minister to meet with the officials of KIMS and demand satisfactory responses from them concerning young Kuwaiti medical experts and the future of the medical sector, as well as the reason why applicants are finding it hard to pass the board exams while “others” are finding it easy.

Source: Arab Times

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