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MMF leaders met with the Indian Ambassador
March 29, 2016, 12:00 pm

The new office bearers of  Malayali Media Forum Kuwait met with the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Sunil Jain on 28 March and discussed various topics faced by the expatriate Indian community in Kuwait. Issues related to the Indian Community School, problems faced by Nurses recruitment agencies, reopening of canteen on Indian Embassy premises and more were discussed.

In an emergency situation, the Indian embassy will involve the Indian Community School  as part of the Indian community since it is residing over here, the Indian Ambassador said to MMF leaders in the meeting. But as per the school constitution, Indian embassy cannot involve in the community school daily business.  He added, Indian Embassy will inform to the school director board to do the necessary amendment in the school constitution.

Regarding the MOH nurses recruitment concerns next month, MOH delegates are visiting the Kerala state, the Ambassador informed.  He also stated that the functioning of the canteen on the embassy premises positively will be considered.

The representative of MMF briefed about their function of Malayali Media Forum in Kuwait. Sam Pynummoodu, Ismayil Payyoli, Nixon George, Thomas Mathew Kadavil and Regi Bhaskar were the attendees for the meeting. Indian embassy community welfare secretary K.K  Tahel also witnessed the meeting.


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