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MEMAC OGILVY Kuwait welcomes ‘Advertising Person of the Year’
April 23, 2014, 6:27 pm

In line with the annual regional tour, Memac Ogilvy Kuwait welcomed Founder, Chairman and CEO of Memac Ogilvy- Edmond Moutran, at the annual Red Breakfast event which was held at the Sheraton Four Points hotel. Mr. Moutran met with the local team to recognize outstanding efforts and demonstration of impactful work over the year.

During the Red Breakfast event, a number of employees were honored for their long-standing years in the agency and for their commitment in contributing to the success of Memac Ogilvy. Also during the same event, the ‘Employee of the Year’ was exceptionally awarded to Mayson Kamah, Senior Art Director, for her outstanding performance and dedication in 2013.

In his speech made during the ceremony, Mr. Moutran congratulated everyone for winning the Lynx ‘Network of the Year’ in Dubai on 12 March 2014. Memac Ogilvy Dubai received on the same date ‘Agency of the Year’ honors. It is worth noting that during the same evening, Mr. Moutran himself received ‘Advertising Person of the Year’ honors from the organizers of the Lynx Festival. The triple crown was never received by the same group in the past. Memac Ogilvy bagged a total of 46 awards at the Dubai Lynx Awards 2014, 2 Grand Prix, 14 Gold, 23 Silver and 7 Bronze awards on top of the 72 shortlists.

Mr. Moutran also commented on the success of the Memac Ogilvy group in 2013 and explained to his audience, the strategic direction for 2014 and the expansion plans designed for the group to grow even further in the future. In Kuwait, these plans include strengthening the existing disciplines of Advertising and Public Relations and introducing news disciplines and services such as Activation, Healthcare and Social Media to name a few.

Mr. Moutran added that WPP & Ogilvy has acquired another 20% equity in the Memac Ogilvy group in the MENA region, which puts the ownership at 60% WPP & Ogilvy and 40% local equity. This shift of majority will not change the local management but it will simply strengthen the ties with Ogilvy and Mather worldwide and WPP, which will immediately translate into better training and more career prospects for our people regionally and internationally.

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