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MAURYA elects new executive team
February 5, 2015, 5:59 pm

As Maurya Kala Parisar enters its 20th year of existence it elected a new Executive Committee to manage its affairs for the year 2015. As Mr. S. Ritwik one of the founder members of the association quipped, “We are proud of democratic traditions of our association. We are from the first democracy of the world of Vaishali. Being one of the oldest Indian associations in Kuwait we take the Annual General Meeting and elections seriously.”

Away from the monotony of closed meeting rooms the open vistas of desert spring camp provided a very special backdrop to the Annual General Meeting of this special organization, held last Friday. AGM agenda comprised of presentation of Annual Report by Vivek Sinha, Acting General Secretary. A long list of activities conducted during the year 2014 has made MKP one of the most active and socially relevant associations among Indian community in Kuwait.

Certainly this was a year remarkable in the history of MKP as the busiest ever. Events like Ethnic Food Festival, Dinkar Poetry Awards, Incredible India – Bihar & Jharkhand, Maurya Manch and Dr. Rajendra Prasad Debate competition proved extremely popular among members, schools and Indian community in Kuwait. All various aspects of association objectives were met – cultural, social, literary, constructive and engagement.

The Treasurer, Ramesh Kumar did presentation of annual accounts. Mr. Kumar informed that an independent auditor, a Chartered Accountant, has audited the account. Transparency of information on funds is a highly cherished value of the organization.

Mr. Varun Kumar Sinha, one of the founding members of the association presided the election for the position of General Secretary of MKP, fell vacant due to resignation of Braj Gupta due to increased professional workload. Abhay Kashyap was elected to the position unopposed. Similarly other vacant positions of Executive Committee also were filled. Vivek Prasad Sinha took over as the new Joint Secretary due to resignation of Capt. Samir Ranjan also due to increased involvement at work. Contributions by outgoing EC members including Rajkamal Raj and Jami Fahad were much praised.

Five new faces were inducted to the Executive Committee for the year 2015. The new Executive Committee thus stands as Divya Ritwik, Sabir Ansari, Rohit Deo, Shahnawaz Baig, Neetu Sinha, Nivedita Sinha, Zafar Siddiqui, Sayed Sabih and Mohammad Mahtabuzzaman – all EC members; Afroz Alam – Vice President, Abhay Kashyap – General Secretary, Ramesh Kumar – Treasurer, Vivek Sinha – Joint Secretary, and Ujwal Ritwik – President.
The beautiful weather, desert spring camp and surrounding facilities such as horse, camel and ATVs rides were much enjoyed by children and adults alike. However, abundance of games and activities during the event kept them thoroughly occupied throughout. Sumptuous food and drinks, prizes, gifts, rewards and recognition raised the fun quotient to dizzy heights.

Maurya Kala Parisar (MKP), fondly known as Maurya, is active in Kuwait since 1995. The association registered with Indian Embassy in Kuwait is dedicated to promotion of arts, culture and social service among Indian community in Kuwait. The organization gets its name from the great Maurya dynasty of Patliputra of ancient India, which had kings like Ashoka, Chandragupt and Sher Shah Suri.

The association calls upon people connected with the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, UP, Orissa, West Bengal, Assam and other like-minded individuals and families to become member and participate in its various cultural, social and developmental activities. Please contact Mr. Abhay Kashyap (97224944), Mr. Vivek Sinha (50074001) or Sabir Hussain (60007401) or email

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