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MARS recalls products produced in The Netherlands as a precautionary measure
February 28, 2016, 12:20 pm

Mars Gulf, including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman markets, have decided to take a precautionary recall of a selection of Snickers (Miniatures), Mars (Minis and Miniatures) and Best of Our Minis products produced in The Netherlands after finding a piece of red plastic in one of Snickers bar purchased in Germany.

This is a voluntary measure taken by Mars to avoid any possibility of health hazards that may be caused by the presence of pieces of plastics.


The recall is limited to the following products produced in Veghel, Netherlands:

Product Name


Expiry Dates

Snickers Miniatures


4 Dec 16 – 8 Jan 17

Mars Minis


11 Dec 16 – 8 Jan 17

Mars Minis


11 Dec 16 – 8 Jan 17

Mars Miniatures


4 Dec 16 – 1 Jan 17

Best of Our Minis


11 Sep 16 – 13 Nov 16

Best of Our Minis


4 Sep 16 – 13 Nov 16


This is an isolated incident that is limited to the products above produced in the Netherlands. This incident has no impact on any of similar chocolate brands or products outside the above list or produced in other countries regardless of format, size, batches or packaging.

Mars Gulf reassures its consumers of future safety and advises consumers who have purchased the above not to consume products with the above mentioned expiry dates and manufactured in The Netherlands. For further enquiries contact the Mars Consumer Care representative on

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