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MAKULAY exhibits for a cause group art at Galleria 2000
October 5, 2013, 2:10 pm

Malikhaing Kulturang Layag (MAKULAY), a group of Filipino artists exhibited their artworks at Galleria 2000 in Salmiya Friday evening till Saturday with purpose of selling the items to art collectors in Kuwait. Proceeds of the sales will be donated to the victims of unrest in Zamboanga Philippines.  The event, which was officially launched by the Consul General of the Philippines Attorney Raul Dado, graced with the presence of art aficionados and some members of the diplomatic community.

The momentous occasion commenced with the Philippine National Anthem followed by the official cutting of the ribbon officiated by the Consul General of the Embassy of the Philippines Atty. Raul Dado and officers of MAKULAY followed by an invocation delivered Fred Balle.   In the brief speech, by Consul General Dado stated that the one of a kind and the first art exhibit by Filipino artists in Kuwait is a vivid proof of unity and solidarity among Filipinos in the midst of distress and that the initiative to organize such event is inspirational not only to the artists themselves but to those will come and visit the exhibition. Attorney Dado added that he is hopeful that all the artworks sell and serve the purpose of the event. The inspirational speech of the Consul general was immediately followed by welcome remarks by the President of MAKULAY Romano Roman who gave a brief recount of the group’s history. Roman thanked all the sponsors of the event, contributing artists and buyers who came to view the artworks and generously share their time and resources.

Forty paintings in different media, seven sculptures and four photos were on display and sale. Contributing artists were Fred Valle, Bea Carvajal, Omar Cristales, Jefferson Arago, Sheila Frank, Frank Jefferson, Daniel Casiban, Minie Duran, Alexander Marvan, Odil Antigua, Editha Viva, Cristina Gando, Emilio Mesia, Victor Valenzuela, Dave Constantino, Rolly Patilla, Jalil Marvin Abdullah, Bruha Eve, Romano Roman, Victor Llagunio, Fred Valle, Lalaine Espectato, Paul Stanley Ramirez and Alvin Acuna.

Renowned participating artist and Alvin Acuna told The Times that the exhibition is the start of series of projects, which the group had laid out till the end of the year and following. He added that the art sale and exhibition carries a noble cause, which is to raise funds for the victims of unrest in Zamboanga that occurred recently. The unrest displaced thousands of Filipinos, left military personnel and rebels dead. “The tragedy left part of the beautiful province of Zamboanga ruined and affected livelihood of the residents and in our own little way as artists, we can help contribute rebuild the province. We are hopeful that we will be able to sell the items and send the amount to the victims the soonest possible time” commented Acuna.

Another prominent Filipino artist Victor Llaguno expressed his gratitude to all the sponsors, Aroma Café and owner and management of Galleria 2000 for the opportunity to showcase the artworks to the public.

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