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Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait team is ready for world cup
June 16, 2014, 3:16 pm

Since it is one of the most watched sporting events worldwide, Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait-free zone announced the live stream of all World Cup matches on a giant screen in the famous Garden Café situated in a natural and private environment. It is worth mentioning that Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait guests are able to enjoy the excitement of this live competition within the air-conditioned tents where every tent has its own TV screen, and to add more excitement the Garden Café staff will wear the costume of World Cup teams to give our valuable guests more enthusiasm.

Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait is one of the best hotels in the city that combines between high-end service and resort, where you can enjoy watching World Cup games. Relax within a unique architectural elegance and upscale  facilities which reflect our hotel’s perfect Swiss hospitality in addition to the services offered at Garden Café during World Cup 2014 to make our guests feel like home among their family.

In this regard, the hotel general manager Hassan Hassanein said: “Football is very popular here, and the World Cup fever has inspired us to transfer the World Cup ambiance from Brazil to our hotel, especially that Kuwaiti and Arabs adore this enthusiastic game”.

In this context too, the Mövenpick  Communication Manager Elsayed Elasy said that Mövenpick Hotel-free zone has finalized the arrangements for the broadcast of this most watched event at the green nature of Garden Café, within an exceptional family atmosphere.

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