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Lucky escape for Oman Air passengers
June 19, 2013, 6:17 pm

One hundred passengers and a crew of six were unharmed on Monday when the cockpit window of their Muscat-Salalah flight was damaged minutes after take-off, according to a statement issued by the company on Wednesday.

“Oman Air flight WY3905, Muscat to Salalah departing 18.25, returned to Muscat International Airport shortly after take-off at 18.30 on Monday, following damage to its cockpit window,” the statement read.

The Oman Air media statement further stated that as a precautionary measure, oxygen masks were deployed, but were not needed as there was no loss of pressurisation. “All 100 passengers and six crew on the Boeing B737-800 returned to Muscat safely with no injuries, landing at 19.52.”

All passengers for Salalah were offered seats on the flight departing 22.30 and passengers travelling from Salalah to Muscat were offered seats on flights departing 21.05, 21.40 and 01.00.

“An investigation is now being carried out into the cause of the damaged window,” the statement assured.

Oman Air has one of the youngest fleets in the skies, with an average age of less than five years.

“Oman Air is sorry for the resulting disruption to travel plans, but our overriding concern remains the safety of our customers and crew,” the statement said.

The airline thanked passengers on the flight for their patience and cooperation. “We would also like to thank the flight crew for their prompt and professional action in safeguarding the wellbeing of everyone on board.”


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