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Lu&Lu Hypermarket starts Festival of Egypt
April 18, 2015, 10:42 am

Lu&Lu Hypermarket, Kuwait’s first choice for shopping excitement, is holding an 11-day Festival of Egypt at all their outlets in Kuwait. The festival was inaugurated at the Hypermarket's Al-Dajeej branch by His Excellency Abdul Kareem Mahmoud Suleiman, Ambassador of Egypt to Kuwait, along with the top management from Lu&Lu, and in the presence of a large crowd of shoppers and well-wishers on Thursday, 16th April.

The festival, which got underway with a colorful start, will continue until 25 April and is expected to draw shoppers from all walks of life to this eclectic sale, which showcases a wide range of delectable and diverse Egyptian products. Among the food items on display are specialty Egyptian cheese, luscious fresh fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, pomegranate and tomatoes, as well as a wide variety of other goods from Egypt. 

The festival, which highlights the excellent quality of Egyptian products, is also displaying a special cultural extravaganza, featuring traditional music and folkloric dance, such as the horse-dance and tanoura, in the evenings on 16th, 17th and 18th of April. The Festival of Egypt provides Egyptians, as well as other residents and citizens in Kuwait, with ample selection of top-notch Egyptian products, as well as an introduction to Egyptian cultural life.

The Festival of Egypt is yet another instance where Lu&Lu Hypermarket demonstrates their deep market insight by interacting with customers and providing them with what they need and when they need it, with the clear focus of consolidating their retail dominance in the region.

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