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Lu&Lu Hypermarket launches Best of Britain 2015
May 7, 2015, 4:29 pm

Lu&Lu Hypermarket, the largest hypermarket chain in the region, initiated its annual ‘Best of Britain 2015’ shopping promotion in a colourful inauguration ceremony. The festival was inaugurated at the Hypermarket's Al-Qurain branch by His Excellency Mathew Lodge, Ambassador of U.K to Kuwait and Simon Williams, Director UKTI Kuwait, along with the top management from Lu&Lu, and in the presence of a large crowd of shoppers and well-wishers on Thursday, 7 May.

The 11-day festival is from 6 May 2015 to 16 May 2015, during which Lu&Lu Hypermarket is publicizing famous British brands and a variety of food items specially imported from the UK. Moreover, there are many special offers on all imported products from the UK, giving family members of varying tastes many great options.

Lu&Lu Hypermarket is excited over the decision to import many products in various categories like Dairy, Meat, Fruits, Vegetables, Frozen, Groceries and Non Food items from “Y International UK Ltd.”, a company specialized in the sourcing and exporting of UK Food and Non Food to their group owned Retail/Wholesale business spread across Middle East and India.

Lu&Lu Hypermarket is excited to meet the expectations of shoppers who want to experience the refined culture and cuisine of Britain. The Hypermarket’s creative team meticulously ensures that they provide their patrons with a wide range of exciting choices and activities as part of their adherence to a distinctive shopping experience.

The British Food Festival 2015 will be yet another instance where Lu&Lu Hypermarket demonstrates their market insight by providing customers with what they want and when they want it, with the clear focus of consolidating their retail dominance in the region.

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