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Lu&Lu Hypermarket holds floral-carpet competition
September 16, 2013, 10:38 am

Lu&Lu Hypermarket, the regional retail leader, held a colorful floral-carpet competition, on Saturday, 14th September, at their Al Rai outlet, to mark the Kerala festival of Onam. The unique floral carpets, called 'Ona Pookkalum' in Kerala, are vivid and imaginative patterns traced on the floor using flowers. Creating decorative designs using flowers is a tradition that marks the advent of Onam, the annual Harvest festival of Kerala.

The exciting floral competition was inaugurated in the morning with the lighting of the traditional lamp by Lu&Lu Hypermarket's Regional Director Mohammed Haris, along with Regional Manager Sreejith and General Manager Abdul Khader.

The floral contest, which lasted for two hours, from 9.30 to 11.30am, drew keen participation from members of the Kerala community, and drew enthusiastic support and admiration from visitors to the Hypermarket.

The spirited floral competition was organized by Lu&Lu Hypermarket in association with Eastern Condiments, the leading Indian manufacturer and marketer of spices, pickles and other condiments. Exciting prizes were distributed to winners of the competition by the Regional Director, Mr. Haris and Mr. Sadiq from Eastern.

Competing teams put forward their best efforts to render some of the most amazing floral displays, and the judges had a difficult time picking the winners. Eventually, the judges had to pick three of the best and the first prize was awarded to Team P. Ges, who received a KD100 gift voucher from Lu&Lu Hypermarket, as well as a gift hamper from Eastern. The second prize winner was Team Maveli, who received KD 75 gift voucher from the Hypermarket plus a gift hamper from Eastern. And the third place winner, Team Dennis, took home a KD 50 gift voucher from Lu&Lu Hypermarket, as well as a gift hamper from Easter.

The lively floral competition was yet another innovative event that highlighted Lu&Lu Hypermarket's ongoing commitment to interacting with the community and sharing with shoppers the joy of different festivals.


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