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Lu&Lu Hypermarket aims for change with cleaning campaign
April 22, 2015, 12:14 pm

Lu&Lu Hypermarket, the country’s largest hypermarket chain with outlets in Al Rai, Qurain, Dajeej and Salmiya, is set to launch ‘Cleaning Campaign 2015’ from 22 April to 5 June at all its outlets.

The cleanliness initiative, organized as part of World Earth Day on 22 April, is intended to create awareness among Lu&Lu Hypermarket shoppers about cleanliness of the environment and the importance of recycling and reusing to reduce and remove waste.

Held under the tagline ‘Cleaning is part of our job’ the Cleaning Campaign 2015 will attempt to get people to recycle their trash and will emphasize the fact that everyone through their actions can contribute to a cleaner country.

As part of the ‘Cleaning Campaign 2015’, the hypermarket will conduct seminars and organize various cleanliness-related activities for the public, including waste management awareness through the four processes of Removing, Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

By maximizing the positive impact of its ‘Cleaning Campaign’, Lu&Lu Hypermarket aims to implement its corporate philosophy of social responsibility.


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