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LuLu Hypermarket launches Pinoy Fiesta 2017
September 14, 2017, 10:01 am

LuLu Hypermarket, the leading regional retailer, launched its annual ‘Pinoy Fiesta 2017’, a celebration of the flavorsome and diverse food items from the Philippines, at its Salmiya outlet on 13 September. The event was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Philippines to Kuwait H.E. Renato Pedeo O. Villa alongside the Labor Attaché Alejandro A. Padaen. The Hypermarket’s top management, a large crowd of shoppers, well-wishers and media personnel attended the launch event.

The highlight of the Pinoy Fiesta 2017, which runs till 23 September at all LuLu outlets, is the very special prices on offer for a full-range of products from some of the leading Philippine brands, including such favorites as Mama Sita, Century, Dole, Newton, Star, UFC, Super, Datu Puti and Ladies Choice.
During the 11-day promotion period, all outlets of LuLu Hypermarket will feature large cut-outs of traditional cultural and social scenes of Philippines, further attracting shoppers to the diversity and distinction of the land.

Pinoy Fiesta 2017 is part of LuLu Hypermarket’s ongoing initiative to regularly interact with their customers through highly popular promotions and festivals. This synergistic relationship with customers is just one of the reasons why the LuLu Hypermarket brand retains such a large and loyal following among shoppers in the region.

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