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LuLu Hypermarket launches Mango Passion Fest 2017
May 11, 2017, 10:46 am

LuLu Hypermarket, the largest hypermarket in the region, launched their much-anticipated Mango Passion 2017 Festival at its Qurain outlet on 10 May. The 11-day festival was inaugurated by Talal Al-Qurifh & Fahad H Al-Qurifh during a ceremony in the presence of LuLu top management, shoppers and well-wishers.

The promotion, which is common for all LuLu outlets, offers 50 varieties of delectable mangoes with origins from eight countries - India, Malaysia, Kenya, Thailand, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Brazil and USA.  Shoppers should not miss the opportunity to try popular and exotic types of mangoes such as Alphonso, Kesar , Daseri,  Rajapuri, Mango Round, Green Sweet Mango, Tommy Atkins  and Waterlilly that are now exclusively available at LuLu outlets. It is a pure pleasure to savor the sweetness of mangoes, and with different types of mangoes having their own unique flavor and texture, shoppers are spoiled for choice during the promotion. Large cutout displays of mangoes reflecting the theme of the promotion adds charm to the shopping experience.

The Mango Passion fest 2017 is an incredible venture by LuLu Hypermarket to satisfy cravings for delicious and exotic fruits at reasonable prices. LuLu Hypermarket has consistently branded itself as the company that meets customers’ expectations for quality products at competitive prices. The hypermarket presents a unique shopping experience through attractive customer oriented campaigns that help garner shoppers’ interest and increase support for the brand.

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