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LuLu Hypermarket launches Best of South Africa 2018
April 26, 2018, 9:50 am

LuLu Hypermarket, the regional retail heavyweight, launched its ‘Best of South Africa 2018’ promotion with an inauguration ceremony held at its Egaila outlet on 25 April.

The event was inaugurated by South African Ambassador to Kuwait, H.E. MP Bona, in the presence of top LuLu Management in Kuwait and a large gathering of customers, well-wishers and media personnel.

The 11-day promotion which runs at all LuLu Hypermarket outlets in the country and is slated to end on 5 May, showcases a range of enticing products from South Africa, especially popular food brands including Heartland, Nandos, Bakers, Yum Yum and Simply Cereal.

A highlight of the promotion is the special offers on all South African branded products, which will hopefully entice shoppers to savor the distinct flavors of South African foods.

A captivating feature of the ‘Best of South Africa’ promotion are the prominently displayed large cutouts of iconic South African attractions that will probably lure shoppers to visit the Rainbow nation. Close interaction with customers through promotions and active participation in local festivities has always been a priority for LuLu Hypermarket.

The ‘Best of South Africa 2018’ promotion once again reinforces this customer-centric approach, and the Hypermarket’s continued commitment to creating an engaging and fun experience for shoppers, while simultaneously providing them with the widest range of high quality products at the most competitive prices.

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