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LuLu Hypermarket launches Beautiful Britain 2017 + Go Organic with LuLu
April 20, 2017, 10:37 am

LuLu Hypermarket, the leading hypermarket chain in the region, launched its ‘Beautiful Britain 2017’ promotion and ‘Go Organic with LuLu’ campaign, with an inauguration ceremony held on 19 April at its Al- Qurain outlet.

The 11-day festival, which will end on 29 April, is being held simultaneously at all branches of LuLu Hypermarket in Kuwait. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Michael Holland, the Acting Deputy Head of Mission at the UK Embassy in Kuwait, in the presence of large gathering of shoppers and top LuLu management.

Large cutout displays of many traditional and popular monuments in UK that attract tourists, are being displayed throughout the hypermarket’s branches, as part of the Beautiful Britain promotion, with special prices being offered on all UK branded products.

Among the popular food and beverage brands being offered at special prices during the promotion period are, Kettle Brand, Rachel’s Organic, Müller, Total, Batchelor, Starbucks, Schwartz, Jamie Oliver, Henllan Bakery, Biona, Harrogate, Churchill’s, English Tea Shop and Pertwood Farm, among others.

Meanwhile, the fantastic array of organic food items being presented as part of the ‘Go Organic with LuLu’ campaign, is bound to appeal to shoppers looking for healthy eating options.

The ‘Beautiful Britain 2017 promotion, and the ‘Go Organic with LuLu’ campaign  reiterates LuLu Hypermarket’s commitment to engage with their international mix of customers, by offering food products from all over the world, as well as by providing the widest choice when it comes to food options.


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