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LuLu Hypermarket celebrates Onam and Eid Fest 2017
September 4, 2017, 11:56 am

LuLu Hypermarket, the largest and most popular hypermarket chain in the region, celebrated the dual festivals of Onam and Eid with a commemorative campaign that included colorful competitions and vibrant cultural programs.

Onam is a mega-cultural event for people from the Indian state of Kerala, while Eid Al Adha is  celebrated by Muslims throughout the world as a religious festival. The occurrence of these two celebrations together has multiplied the joy and festivities of the occasions.

Eid celebrations at LuLu Hypermarket, which started off on 29 August and the Onam festivities that began on 31 August, featured special offers on a wide variety of food items and festival-related products.

LuLu Hypermarket organized a special two-hour colorful program on 3 September to showcase the traditional elements of Onam and Eid, and to share with patrons the jovial spirit and camaraderie of the two festivals. Dancers in colorful costumes performed a range of traditional dances and musical pieces that helped highlight the dual festivals. A large crowd of visitors and shoppers gathered to witness and join in on the celebrations.

A special attraction during the campaign period was the vibrant two-day cultural program that was held on the evenings of 2 and 3 September. Traditional Eid and Onam songs and dances were the highlight of the cultural evening, with the Onam folk dance called ‘Puli Kali’ and the  energetic, rhythmic renditions on drums called ‘chenda melam’, drawing the loudest cheers from audiences.

A floral-carpet competition, a traditional feature of Onam celebrations called the 'Pookalam', was organized by LuLu Hypermarket on 3 September. During the competition, 10 pre-selected  teams presented their vivid decorations made with flowers placed in imaginative designs on the  floor. The winning team received KD100 worth gift vouchers, while gift vouchers of KD75 and KD50 were distributed to the second and third placed teams respectively. All participating teams were appreciated for their efforts with KD20 gift vouchers each.

The celebratory campaign marking Eid and Onam festivals marks LuLu Hypermarket's unique customer-centric approach to retailing, and its commitment to strengthen customer relations by creating a distinctive shopping experience at every touch-points.



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