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Lovely red lipstick
August 20, 2017, 12:36 pm

For many years, red lipstick has been the tried-and-true go-to color for any formal evening occasion. Lately, however, some fashionistas have begun testing the look for the daytime and have shown fabulous results. Read on for tips on how your red lips can be daytime ready.

Find your undertone and pair your red lipstick accordingly: If you are cooler—which means you have pink, red or blue undertones—the perfect red for you will lean towards the blue spectrum. Think deep cranberry, cherry or burgundy shades. But if you’re warmer and have yellow or golden undertones in your skin, opt for reds in the orange spectrum like salmon, coral, burnt sienna or auburn. It’s very tempting to use eye or hair color to pick a red but it’s best to figure out your undertones from your skin and go from there.  And remember, not everyone is warm or cool, many women are neutral and can wear any shade on the color spectrum they like.

Don’t be boxed in by one texture:  With metallized satins and glossy mattes, it’s easy to get lost in lipstick land these days. But don’t feel like you need to impart just a simple stain to go red. Rather, get playful—the more fun you have with your makeup, the more confident you will feel. If you’ve never tried a liquid lip, go for something glossier. Want something a bit more statement making? Try layering metallic lipstick underneath a liquid one to create a custom texture.

Follow these directions for maximum benefit

Prep lips with some tlc: A red lip calls for an even surface, even if you are looking for barely there, stained color. And in order to make sure you can pull it off, you’re going to need to prep by exfoliating with an unused toothbrush (or homemade lip scrub) then moisturizing lips first with a hydrating balm.

Line like a champ: Using a flesh- or clear-hued lip liner around your pout to prevent lipstick from feathering or smudging in a process known as  reverse lining. Use delicate strokes while ensuring you stay close or within your natural lip line.

Blot between layers to maximize staying power:  After tapping or brushing on that first layer of lipstick, use a fluffy powder brush to dust a bit of setting powder onto lips, then let dry. You can also use blotting papers in between coats as well. Either technique helps to set each layer of lipstick before your final coat.

Opt for the monochromatic look:  Red can be a tricky color to pull off, but sometimes works best when it’s used on lids, lips and cheeks. To that effect, go back to your skin’s undertone to find a red that works for an overall monochrome effect for your makeup.



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