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Love the robe coat
January 17, 2016, 2:42 pm

The robe coat has moved to the forefront of fashionable winter trends, and is now seen on style-savvy women everywhere.  This coat is great for enriching your everyday look while keeping you under wraps and safe from the chill. Here are some ways to wear the robe coat.

Style with accessories: Belting a coat has never been as foolproof as it is with a robe coat. Just about any belt will do as the soft material will allow it to fit, and the silhouette won't be disturbed. Tying a robe coat with a print, a bright color, or even just a chic patterned belt can vastly improve the look of your standard winter clothes for the season.

Another option, wearing a robe coat belted but slightly open is one of those subtle things you will see on girls that look great but won't be able to put your finger on exactly why. You can use this little trick to look slightly and just perfectly undone. This trick works best on robe coats with extra length and a little flare to add an interesting dimension to your attire.  Make sure you latch the belt tight right at the level of your natural waist in a trendy knot.

Wear it as a stylish piece: An oversized robe coat is essentially a stylish and socially acceptable wrap. It is the most comfortable thing you will put on all day, and will make any outfit underneath look contemporary and chic. You can make any summer blouse look winter-appropriate by topping your outfit with an oversized robe coat in the same hue.

Also, a robe coat worn casually and wide-open over a simple outfit will elevate the look, and give it a contemporary edge.

The robe coat is also very favored for being as dressed up as a structured pea coat when worn with a great pair of heels. You can wrap it up extra tight and stay a lot cozier and warmer. A robe coat in a neutral color lends balance to a monochrome winter outfit, particularly if you don blacks and greys for the season.

Look immaculate: If your style tends more towards looking crisp, the nickname of this coat might very well throw you off. However, a coat that's made in a thick and lux material will drape beautifully and still look perfect. You can wear the robe coat even longer if you master the art of clever layering. This style also works for the office, as no matter how business-formal your office is, you will be able to find a perfect robe coat to get you to and from important meetings in style. The way a robe coat flows and falls over the body looks even more chic as the center of attention over a monochrome outfit.


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