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Love Restaurant
September 25, 2016, 11:10 am

Under the culinary prowess of Chef Ranjith alongside food gurus Abdulaziz Al Anezi and Mohammed Al Anezi, Love Restaurant celebrates the flavors of the world through an internationally themed menu that offers decadent flavors that never compromise on quality. Furthermore, they use an award-winning, hormone-free, organic selection of meats and fresh produce when possible in preparing their dishes. Expect Italian Lobster Rigatoni, next to a hearty dish like Mediterranean Lamb Chops—that is what Love Restaurant is all about, enjoying flavors prepared with love that never discriminates.

Popular dish: Arancinotto, a modern take on risotto balls with cheddar, tomato aioli, and a tangy Balsamic glaze.

Location: Divonne Complex in Abu Al Hasaniya and The Gate Mall. Call 22206414.

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