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Look great when feeling terrible
June 22, 2014, 3:46 pm

When you are down, it shows all across your face. Whether it’s the runny nose and blotchy skin of allergies or just that you didn’t get a solid night’s sleep, but some days you just can’t afford to look as awful as you feel.. Here are some ways to look like a million bucks when you feel like you came out of the cheap bin.

Cure for the common cold: Everyone has had those instances when they went to bed feeling great and woke up with an explosive headache and their noses resembling Rudolph’s. First, get rid of the puffiness on your face with this method; put aluminium foil in the freezer and chill it. Then, apply the cold sheets of foil to your face. The cold foil will reduce puffiness and tighten pores.

One key product for battling redness is a colour corrector which neutralizes skin tone. Makeup pros swear by it and so should you. After corrector, apply foundation to even out your skin tone. Throw on a little peach blush (color on the nose is a no-no, but colour on the cheeks is a yes-yes!) and go about your business.

Stress Solution: The stress-face, this not-so-pleasant condition includes flushed skin, redness and acne. A good rule of thumb to tackle your dreaded acne issues is to keep a great spot treatment in your beauty drawer for emergency purposes. After cleansing your face, prep your skin with a hydrating primer for a fresh glow and then cover the affected area (or areas) with the treatment. You may want to conceal the blemishes with a concealer.

Lightly swirl on a hot pink or red powder blush, starting at the apples and dusting upwards. Blend blend blend! For the daring look that shaves off all the age lines and worries away!

Sleep-deprived makeup: Have you stayed up all night, and now look as miserable as you feel. Grab a couple ice cubes to soothe those dark circles and under-eye bags. Next, dab some eraser concealer under your eyes and massage the concealer into the skin. Finish the look with a fun lipstick and, of course, a big smile. Sometimes you have to fake it ’til you make it!

Anti-Allergy Avenger:  Allergic reactions come in all shapes and sizes: rashes, redness, blotchiness. Hide your skin woes with a two-step perfecting process. Start off with a primer to even out the skin tone. Next, apply a foundation and for some subtle glow, throw a little illuminating powder on your cheeks, forehead and nose. For eyes, lining the water line and the top lash line with an eyeliner pencil really adds intensity. Your face looks bright and awake!

If allergies are causing dry, chapped lips, you can fix it with color and moisture. Choose an ultra-hydrating lipstick or if you only want hydration, lip balm is a cult favourite.


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