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Long-lasting eye make-up for oily eyelids
February 14, 2016, 4:29 pm

You can use an eye shadow palette to create a smoky eye or a cat-eye, but you can’t seem to solve the problem of making the look last without the product smearing and smudging or slipping entirely off your eyelids.  Don’t blame the product, the real problem isn’t faulty eyeliner at all, it is your oily eyelids. If you are sick of the oil destroying your handiwork, learn about the right make-up for oily eyelids and a few tips for creating a long-lasting look.

Start off with a clean slate: First things first, before you put on your face in the morning, make sure your skin is completely free of any residual make-up (or even make-up remover) from the day before. You need to make sure everything is totally off your eyes and that you don't have any oils leftover, because that can increase the oiliness. You want a clean, fresh start.

Pick the right skin care: After your face is clean, move on to your skin care, but be sure to look at the ingredients in your moisturizers and eye creams. If the issue is that make-up isn't staying in place, perhaps the problem is that you are using moisturizers that aren't fully absorbing.

Opt for formulas that you know won't leave you greasy. If there are a lot of oils in your moisturizers, it's likely that they will break down your make-up. Stick to gels and oil-free formulas when you are wearing make-up and save your oilier creams for nighttime.

Avoid putting creams directly on your eyelid:  If you can, avoid putting creams on your eyelid or very close to your lash line. The emollient properties in moisturizers and eye creams will cause your make-up to disintegrate. 

The pre-make-up blot: Deal with any extra oil on your lids by simply patting a blotting sheet on them before you do your make-up.

Use a primer you trust: Primers can do wonders when it comes to lasting power so use one which promises to be humidity- and sweat-resistant and infused with antioxidants and vitamin E. These products give your make-up a lot of mileage.

Look for long-lasting products: Anything that isn't a long-lasting formula is going to break down, fold into your crease, and go underneath your eye. Look for long-wearing products which go on creamy, but then set to a budge-proof finish.

Set everything with some powder: To intensify color and improve longevity, set your pencil, cream, or liquid products with an eye shadow powder of the same shade. Doing so ensures that everything from cream eye shadow to gel liner will not budge.

If you want to lock everything in place in one fell swoop, go over your eye make-up with some transparent powder. Follow these steps; just take a bit of loose powder and dust it across your lids with a little fluffy brush. That way you have a little something on there to absorb oil.

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