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Logitech introduces Circle an intuitive new home security camera
October 5, 2015, 5:03 pm

Logitech is entering the crowding market of home security cameras with a brand new device called Circle. It is a round little camera about the size of a tennis ball, easy to use and has a few smart features that might help it stand out.

The Circle has all the basics that you would want in a home security camera. You can stream crisp, fluid HD video from the camera to your phone, and it works on both iOS and Android and the app is simple to use. There is a two-way talk feature, which lets you speak through the camera and hear what is going on.

The Circle filters notifications and video highlights it sends you with what Logitech calls ‘scene intuition’ technology. What this does is, instead of sending you a notification every time a stray breeze moves a leaf on your living room plant, the Circle will learn what kinds of movement happen most in your home and separate the important from the innocuous.  And then, there is ‘day briefs’, which are a super-cut of the day's most important activity. The app takes these clips and speeds them up, Hyperlapse-style, into one 30-second review of what has been happening in front of the camera, without needing to scroll through a timeline, or waste time loading individual clips.

Another useful and unique thing about the Circle, is that it is portable. You can take the camera off its holster (which also charges it) and reposition it as you see fit. It will stream for three hours before it dies, and will last 12 hours in a power-saving mode with you, and when you need to recharge it, simply place on the included magnetic charging ring.



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