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Lodz has a chance to be the first city in Central Europe to organise EXPO 2022 exhibition
November 2, 2016, 3:40 pm

Nearly 110 representatives of countries, international organizations and corporations and eight million guests including one million foreigners may arrive to the Polish city of Lodz during a three month-long Expo 2022, according to careful estimates of the Polish government and city authorities that are applying for the organization of the event. It is possible that the number of visitors will reach up to 10 million.

Whether it will actually take place will be known only at the end of 2017 when 169 Member States of the General Assembly at the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) decide which State should be granted the organization of Expo 2022.

Poland has a chance to be the first country in Central Europe to organize Expo. What is more, this is the first time in many decades for the Expo to take place in the city center. The exhibition area indicated in the application is almost 27 ha large area known as New Center of Lodz. This is a chance to return to the idea which inspired the world exhibitions in the first place.

It will gave space for exhibition pavilions and apartment hotels for the exhibitors and support to stay in. There will also be parks, recreational areas, food and beverage and security zones.

The entire site will be separated and fenced for the time of the exhibition. There will also arise transport infrastructure necessary to handle the Expo.

The organization of Expo 2022, which is a prestigious event that will attract millions of visitors, would be an enormous opportunity for promotion of Lodz in Poland and in the world.

Lodz is an unusual city not only on the national, but also on the European level. This is where the cultures cross, which many outstanding people come from. This is also a place where many ideas have been born. The city used to be an important place for the textile and film industry, today it is searching for new identity. Lodz has an advantage of excellent location in the center of the country and the main theme of the planned Expo is revitalisation of urban areas which matches perfectly to what is happening around.

The organization of Expo in Lodz may not only give a huge development impulse for this city, but also help to increase the recognition of a brand that Poland is.

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