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Lock system initiated for traffic violations
December 14, 2017, 8:18 am

After bowing to pressures from the National Assembly and the populace to rescind the decision on impounding vehicles whose owners are caught using telephone by hand while driving and without fastening seatbelt as against the rule of law, Ministry of Interior has again decided to seize such vehicles and driver’s license of violators for one month, reports Al- Seyassah.

The ministry has started to embark on the ‘lock’ procedures against minor and major violations, and the decision will frustrate the transactions of violators in the ministries and other government departments; thereby causing them serious damages.

According to sources, traffic officers have received stern instructions to record speed and traffic-light violations either during their official field duties or through CCTV.

They added the department put lock sign on the file of a violator and will be asked to see the acting director of traffic investigation for Capital City Colonel Mohammad Al-Saeedi or head of indirect violations department lieutenant Colonel Ali Al-Qallaf who have exclusive right to unlock it.

The violator will be given an alternative when they meet either of the two officials whether to receive the car or license for at least one month because the system will not be unlocked until the period is complete in spite of some violations such as excessive speeding are categorized as normal according to law.

The lock system in the past was restricted to serious violations while it was unlocked after payment of fines without necessarily seizing vehicle or license.

Meanwhile, sources were surprised as to why the ministry returned to centralization of the administration such that only two officers are given the exclusive right.

They observed that the decision has led to congestion in the Capital Traffic Department, while millions of dinars payable to the State will be accumulated as against the call for ease of method of collecting government funds.

They informed that traffic officers have been directed verbally to be more strict in issuing citations to expatriates and force them to hand over their cars or licenses for over one month, while the file will not be unlocked until the period lapses to make them visit the Capital Traffic Department on several occasions.

They affirmed that the department has started calculating traffic points against violators preparatory to deporting expatriates who repeat serious violations.

They believe the recent decisions of the ministry can only be described as ‘fire brigade approach’ that is not well-thought-out or based on the principle of punishment rather than orientation and reform.

It has caused the ministry leadership embarrassment due to contradictions among the officers who have to back down on some decisions.

Source: Arab Times

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