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Local dailies fiercely competing as elections' day approaches
November 16, 2016, 10:35 am

Kuwaiti newspapers are currently in an overheated competition, covering the upcoming parliamentary elections, slated for November 26, amidst keen follow-up by thousands of Kuwaitis, who are interested in becoming acquainted with various headlines.

With the approach of the elections' day, newspapers are competing in monitoring candidates' campaigns and their points of view regarding various hot issues, while harnessing all their capabilities and potentials to bring out the bright image of democracy prevailing in the State of Kuwait at a time when the region is witnessing many challenges.

Some 363 candidates, including 15 women are running. Some 483,186 eligible voters, males and females, will head to the polling centers on November 26 to select their candidates. The Interior Ministry has allocated some 4,000 personnel to supervise the elections.

Source: KUNA

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