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Living Room Lounge
April 12, 2015, 4:30 pm

Living Room Lounge is a place in-tune with the more refined pleasures of local culture. Go to the lounge with people you love, look at the moon and hang out.

Cuisine: Enjoy the beverages here for what they are: inventive combinations of delicious liquids. There are over 50 beverages to choose from, hot, cold, blended, most with an ample dose of fresh fruit slices. It also offers fresh and light sandwiches, salads, and pastas. 

Popular Dishes/Chef's Specialty: Living Room Chiller is a good choice for cold drink | Caramel Macchiato | Bangkok Salad and Quesadilla

Ambience: The soft luminosity of the lounge's interior lends an aura of comfort and familiarity of a living room, which opens to the sea. The terrace, while maintaining the air of a comfortable room, provides direct access to things that are beautiful, no matter where you are.

Location: Marina Waves, Gulf Street, Salmiyah

Contact: 22244653 | Twitter @LivingRoomKW, Instagram @Livingroomlounge


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