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Lipstick mistakes in summer
July 11, 2016, 12:36 pm

Depending on who you ask, makeup either gets more fun or more terrifying in the summer. It is more fun because the colors get brighter and your skin is inevitably more luminous, but it is more terrifying because of the excessive sweating. Worst-case scenario, the stuff pools under your eyes and onto your clothes in terrible, clownish ways. Not alright.

Here to help you enjoy summer makeup in all its bold, beautiful glory without issues is lipstick mistakes to avoid in these sweltering months.

Not exfoliating your lips as often as your face: It is very important to remove dead skin from your pout on a regular basis—especially if you are into bright lipstick, which you want to look smooth and also stay put. A time-saving tip is to just use your toothbrush to quickly exfoliate lips in a pinch.

Using a lipstick formula with too much shine: It is better to go more matte with your lipstick in the summer.  When it is hot, especially if you are outside and perspiring, you don’t want everything on your face to be super glossy. The matte-formula lipstick balances your glistening skin rather than challenging it to a very public shine-off.

Skipping the liner:  Liner can be your best friend or your worst enemy in the summer months – it has to do with finding the right lip liner formula that works for you. The best is a matte as it will stop your lipstick from feathering throughout the day. Go for a clear lip pencil with a silky smooth texture, and focus on a formula that uses a well-hydrated base, which is key to drawing clean lines, by keeping the pencil from tugging against the skin.

Lip liners also work as a summer lipstick because the formulas tend to be a little drier, so they last longer than some lipsticks. Then there is the added control, which lets you craft a more accurate shape that persists in the heat.  A tip, to get rid of a visibly lined look, however, you will want to soften the edges with a fingertip or brush.  If the liner-alone finish is too flat for your taste, add a balm on top.

Applying too many coats on top of one another: When it comes to matte lipstick, if you feel like you need to reapply, take off what is left with a tissue, so you can start with an almost clean slate. Matte lipstick can get a little goopy when layered up too much.

Choosing the wrong shades of red for the weather:  Don’t lean on the same go-to shade of bright red for all four seasons. In the summer, you have more of a natural glow, so go for brighter pinks, oranges, and corals for they look great in the hot weather.

Not setting your lips: For the ultimate staying power, you need to set your lip colour. An old school trick is to hold a tissue over your lips and dust translucent powder across it. This fine film will mattify and set it.

Not taking the rest of your makeup look down a notch: You are warned against pairing bold lipstick with bold eye makeup and heavy contouring.  Bold lips look best with nothing but luminous skin and some mascara. If that feels a little too minimalist for you, you can add a soft, rosy cheek instead of reaching for heavy eyeliner.





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