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Lipstick hacks
November 21, 2016, 1:53 pm

Women love lipstick, but one complaint is the need to reapply it every few minutes. However, if you apply lipstick the right way, you can cut down on application time. Here are some tips on how to apply lipstick the right way, and have it stay in place all day.

Exfoliate and moisturize lips:  To avoid dehydrated and flaky lips, you have to exfoliate the night before a big event. You may either use a lip scrub or a toothbrush with coconut oil and gently massage lips. Not only does this increase blood flow to the lips, causing them to look bigger, but it also gets rid of dead, rough skin.

Next step is to moisturize with vitamin E or a nourishing lip balm overnight for best results. In the end, you get beautiful plump, moisturized lips that will hold the color longer.

Use invisible lip liner:  Line lips with an invisible wax lip liner before lipstick application as it will grab onto color to help it last. Not only does it hold lipstick in place and prevent feathering, but it also keeps lipstick looking sharp and perfectly drawn.

For ultra-long wear, first line the outside of lips with an invisible lip liner before you fill in lips completely with lip liner in a shade that matches the lipstick shade you will be using. This will define lips, intensify color and provide even longer wear. Follow with your favorite lip product.

Layer lipstick with lip stain: For those extra-long days when you need your lip color to work harder, add a lip stain on top of your favorite lipstick. Try to get a close match to your favorite lip product, and apply on top for more dimension and longer wear.

Prime lips with concealer: Women are born with pigmentation on their lips, which can change the way a lipstick looks when blended with one's natural color.  A way to neutralize this is with foundation or concealer. 

Use a wet makeup sponge to apply the concealer or foundation to the lips. Take a lip brush and apply your favorite lip product on top.  Simply swiping the lipstick on top of the concealer or foundation will make the color appear dull or muted. To ensure full pigment payoff, apply with a lip brush, and make sure to apply a couple coats for longevity.


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