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Lily the selfie-snapping drone
August 2, 2015, 2:49 pm

The reign of the selfie stick has only just begun, but it will soon be time to kiss it goodbye and say hello to Lily, your hovering, selfie-snapping drone assistant.

Lily is a quadcopter that can follow you and document all your adventures in HD video. There is no need for any setup and you do not require any piloting experience to deploy Lily; just throw it in the air, and it will automatically take flight and remain in flight as long as it is charged. When you are done with Lily, the drone will gently land in the palm of your hand.

The quadcopter stays by your side via a puck-shaped tracking device, which also serves as the microphone, which you tuck in your pocket or clamp inside a specialized waterproof wrist container. Lily, which is waterproof, can fly at speeds up to 40 kmh and hover about 2 meters over your head, or reach an altitude of 30 meters. Lily automatically syncs video and audio while it films, making it easy to put together jaw-dropping videos.

Through a fully integrated Android or iOS app, users can tell the drone to film from behind, from the side or in front of the subject. You can pre-order the quadcopter from the manufacturer’s website now for $499, but it is expected to retail for $999 when it begins shipping around the world in February 2016.

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