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Lights on in the ‘City of Lights’Illuminated park open to the public till Feb 28
February 18, 2015, 10:42 am

In February, Kuwait is lit up on the occasion of the National and Liberation Days. All public institutions, most private institutions and company buildings, as well as many houses, are decorated with lights and Kuwaiti flags.

During this month, many events, carnivals, sport activities and other events also take place in Kuwait. Until the end of February, people can also enjoy visiting the ‘City of Lights’ in Mishref near the International Fair Ground.

The city was launched on Saturday and will welcome visitors till 28 February, 2015 every day from 5 pm to 11 pm. Entrance is free of charge.

This project was organized by the ‘Baader Inta Gader’ (You Can Make the Initiative) campaign. Besides the huge park, decorated with lights of all colors and different designs, visitors will also find activities for both the adults and children.

Four huge tents are set in this City, including booths with various items for sale such as outfits, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, toys, food and much more. A traditional cafe and restaurant reminds visitors of the Kuwaiti heritage. Activities and musical performances for kids are held daily at one of the tents

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