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Lighten up your makeup application
December 14, 2017, 2:47 pm

Have you ever heard the phrase less is more? This mantra is essential for your daily beauty routine. No matter how many products you use, a heavy-handed application makes you look like you're trying too hard. Keep reading for tips on how to make the most of your makeup with minimal product and get an effortless beauty look.

Control the coverage: You don't need as much foundation as you think. Women tend to blend foundation deep into their hairline and neck, creating a beige/ orange gradient.  If you spot conceal those pesky blemishes, you really only need to blend a small amount of makeup on your face. Start blending foundation from the center of the face (T-zone) out like a starburst. With the right color match and a good concealer, you really only need a drop or two of foundation. For those with extra rosy skin or blemishes, try a medium-full coverage formula with a slight yellow undertone.

Ease up on your eyes:  Sick of removing layer upon layer of eye makeup at night? Use fewer products strategically. Apply thinner layers of a highly-pigmented eye shadow for coverage without the crepey effect. If you have medium-dark lashes already, focus mascara on the tips and outer lashes instead of the root for easy to wash off makeup that still makes an impact.

Softly stain cheeks: You only need a minimal amount of rouge for vibrant cheeks.  Regardless of the products texture (cream, gel, or powder), it's important to invest in high quality, richly-pigmented formulations. For powder brush, apply a small amount with a stippling brush, which is designed to pick up less product. Since you're using such a small amount for each application, your blush will last you twice as long. To apply cream blush lightly, pat your ring finger in the pan to pick up a hint of product. Dab the cheeks with the color and simultaneously blend the cream up with your middle finger. Not comfortable using your fingers yet? The stippling brush also works for cream blush too.

Lay off the lips: Who says your pout needs to be fully polished for every day? You can apply lipstick or stain in the inner center of lips and fade the color out, creating a subtle gradient. If you must apply lip liner, focus on defining the outer edges and blend those edges inward, towards the center of your lips -you'll still get the definition without the overdrawn application. Or, simply apply a dot of lip gloss in the center of your lips for a sheen sans the extra stick.


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