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Lifetime Memories: Forever Rose opens in Kuwait
February 19, 2017, 11:04 am

His fire for entrepreneurship was lit at a young age when he launched his very first business, selling off-season clothing and items on eBay, from his mother’s apartment in Florida. Since then, Kuwaiti-American Ebraheem Al Samadi has capitalized on his work experiences to build a thriving empire, with his most recognizable achievement so far being his Forever Rose brand that offers exclusive, beautiful and long-lasting roses.

Founded in London and launched in the UAE in 1999, Forever Rose has emerged as a purveyor of the world’s finest roses, first developing a name amongst high society for its luxurious, customized floral artistry throughout the royal palaces of Europe. Forever Rose’s strong reputation amongst the royal families of Belgium and the UK is what triggered demand from discerning clients in the Middle East who sought the very best in both quality and luxury.

The brand comes under the umbrella of Al Samadi Group, a Dubai-based hospitality and retail company of which Ebraheem is the CEO. He pioneered Forever Rose from a $1.2 million company that catered to royal palaces in Europe to a $21 million empire in just 18 months. Following the success of Forever Rose in Dubai and the growing demand among admirers, the company has been opening outlets across the Gulf, the latest being in Kuwait.

Speaking at the opening of the Kuwait outlet of Forever Roses at the luxurious 360 Mall, Ebraheem said that in Kuwait’s dynamic marketplace, the brand is targeting selective, romantic customers who appreciate the very best in luxury, exclusivity and longevity.  “Each of our exquisite arrangements, be it the signature Bella, The Enchanted Garden or The Egmont Palace Collection, are all designed with fresh roses that have been naturally enhanced to retain their poise and beauty for many years,” he added.

Derived from the mineral rich volcanic soils of Ecuador in South America, Forever Roses set themselves apart with their uniquely strong petals which grow up to ten times thicker and five times larger than any other blooms available on the market, and come in a spectrum of exotic colors from soft pastel shades to striking jet noir. Without the need for water or sunlight, these outstanding roses retain their striking natural beauty forever when protected in the glass dome, as seen on the signature Bella, or three years and beyond for the stunning ‘open air’ roses, such as The Rose Cube.

Forever Roses are not only a symbol of beauty and romance but a timepiece that celebrate and cherish special moments forever.

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