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Lifesavers for a bad hair day
July 30, 2015, 2:54 pm

No two people are the same, and therefore all of us have our own ideas on what a bad hair day looks like. Experiences range from limp, lifeless hair to stubborn cowlicks to unruly curls that can’t be tamed. Whatever your version of a bad hair day, we’ve got five solutions (in all shapes and sizes) that will come to your rescue!

Texturizing spray or powder: When your hair is looking a little limp and lifeless, often the initial reaction is to pull it back into a ponytail or sleek topknot and go about your business. Before you throw in the towel, try dusting  texturizing powder or spray in your hair to give it a quick volume and texture boost. Check out this tutorial on how to use it the right way!

Braids: For those days you sleep in and can’t seem to do a thing with your uncooperative hair, a braid is your best friend. These dos are easy and versatile and work for all hair types.  Also, there are a variety of braids to choose from: fishtail, four-strand, shoelace and, of course, the classic French. To make your unmanageable hair a little easier to braid, spritz some lightweight hair treatment spray on your strands for some conditioning and detangling power that will help you land the perfect plaits.

Scarf or headband: You have done your best, but nothing seems to work, sometimes you just have to give in and pull back that hair. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t still look fabulous. Adorn that pony or topknot with a headband or headwrap and no one will know the true state of your hair.

Hair straightener: Fix errant cowlicks by breaking out the straightening iron. Not only is this amazing tool great at making your hair instantly sleek and straight, but it can also help make your cowlick woes history.

The messy bun: The Holy Grail of lazy girl hairstyles is just what you need for those crazy hair days. This ’do is especially wonderful for those tough work mornings when you have to look presentable but just don’t have the time to tame that mane.

Style wet hair: To salvage your bad hair, take a quick shower and try a wet hair style that is so classy that no one will ever know your hair was a wet mop two minutes ago.

The secret to the chignon is that it should be sleek and smooth — both of which are easier to achieve with wet hair. Use a brush to pull your hair to the nape of your neck, brushing the hair so that it is smooth and close to your scalp. This way, it is less noticeable that your hair is wet. This little trick erases any thought of having a bad hair day with its femininity and boho chicness.


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