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Life with Cacao
January 21, 2015, 1:39 pm

Food: Array of exquisite breakfast menu, savory selection, freshly baked pastries, assortment of beverages, delightful signature desserts and world-class flavors of mouthwatering chocolate dishes enrobed in premium Swiss covertures, 100 percent natural Malagasy vanilla, homemade ice creams made of fresh milk and indulgent ice creams tucked inside delicious chocolate nest.

Atmosphere: Unique thematic traditional English living room design, observed on every item in the store’s space – starting from colorful walls to cutlery. Life with Cacao’s fictional characters come to life through a short story each time a customer opens the menu. Its fresh music, presentation and ambience make it a hip place to enjoy a leisurely breakfast or take a quick coffee break.

Best Bite: Ice Cream Popsicle Fondue: Have a good time dipping vanilla ice cream popsicles in a chocolate fondue, rice balls and nuts.

Best Bit: Exclusive monthly desserts; daily cacao surprises.

Where: 360 Mall, Vertical Garden Area | 25309909/10
Grand Avenues | 22200762
Salhia Complex, Mezzanine2 (M2) | 22996969


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