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Life in Kuwait is good and we are not considering returning home – Filipinos
May 1, 2018, 8:01 am

Several Filipinos are indifferent to the call of their president to leave the country and have remained resolute in staying in Kuwait. They unanimously agree that “life in Kuwait is good and we are not considering returning home”.

The Filipinos who were respondents in an opinion poll carried out by the daily recently, said they do not want to return home since many of their sponsors are good people. One of them said the government cannot order them back home anyhow. She quipped, “Will they offer us jobs if we eventually return home? I will remain in Kuwait, and I am not going anywhere”.

Another respondent declared she works as a nurse at Jahra Hospital and she is enjoying the life here in Kuwait. She affirmed that all Filipinos are doing fine in Kuwait. One of them disclosed that she will travel home and come back to Kuwait, because it’s good here, and “the people I work with are nice”

Source: KUNA

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