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Life-Coaching Goals in Google Calendar
April 25, 2016, 2:31 pm

Goals, which rolled out on Google Calendar last week, is designed to help users achieve personal goals. Users can set a goal, such as exercising more often, and answer relevant question, such as the frequency and best time for their work out sessions, and Goals will sift through their schedules in Calendar and select the best time to allocate for the task. Users can choose to defer the task to another time, which Goals will find for them and the app will also remain around to motivate users to achieve their goals.

Goals could be an interesting feature, especially if they allow developers to tap into it for other devices and applications, and since it uses artificial intelligence the app could get better at scheduling the more often it is used. However, Goals is only being rolled out incrementally and is currently not available to all users.

The purpose of Goals "is to help you spend more time on the things you care about, and so far we see compelling evidence that scheduling time on your calendar is the best way to do that," said a Google representative.

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